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Website Design & Management

The key ingredient to a successful business is the creation of an effective, efficient, and visually pleasing website.


Do you have a website, but it doesn't looked like what you dreamed (or payed for)? 

Two Six has built, optimized, and/or managed so many WordPress and Shopify sites it would make your head spin. 


Give us the keys and well take your old clunker and turn into a (insert fast car here).


But - don't take our word for it - just ask our clients.

Everyone knows you need one, and everyone knows you need a good one. So, why do we keep hearing about people paying for bad websites?​

Usually there are two problems (a) you tried to do it yourself or (b) you hired a freelancer and they didn't deliver on the good work they claimed (shocker).

Two Six offers best-in-class websites. Why are we the best? F L E X I B I L I T Y. 

We have this process down to a science, but our agile team of project managers and web developers have learned that in this crazy world and time nothing can be set in stone. We firmly believe that our ability to be flexible gives us an edge over the competition. 

What if I'm on Shopify but want to be on WordPress?

Not only does Two Six offer one-of-a-kind design, we can handle everything else that goes into your dream website - Migration, Hosting, & Management. ​

Basically, what we are saying is that if you have a problem we can handle it. Our web development is a mix of established industry experts and young talent to give us all the angles need to compete in this dynamic era. Combine our web talent with our top notch SEO program and you have what you need to dominate the SERP.

"Two Six combined their SEO creativity with website content to stand out quicker in the major search engines. After switching websites, we had a major loss in organic traffic, and after 2 months we are almost back on track! Like working with them!"

-Jolien Demeyer

Founder, Marketing Scaleurs

Don't Underpay or Overpay.​


Two Six delivers the best website money can buy for a price that is cheaper than hiring a full time Website Designer and delivers better quality than any freelancer.

Look we get it, you want to spend the least amount of money for the most amount of return. Take that methodology to your PPC campaigns (that we built) and spend the money on the most important part of your digital business.

Our proven Website Design process uses the unstoppable combination of creativity and and technical prowess to deliver you a website you can dominate with.​

The first step towards owning your market online is to have an incredible, powerful website. You will be glad you did - just ask our clients.

Business Meeting

What you get from Two Six's Website Design & Management package:

Modern Design

Dedicated Project Manager

Roamap and Timeline

Website Hosting

Website Management

Live Slack Channel 

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Let Two Six design, host, and manage your website so that you can blow your competition out of the water.

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